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Basic method of printing
- Dec 24, 2018 -

Basic method of printing

   To put it simply, the transfer of a piece of material to another material is called printing. The printing process plays an indispensable role in the dissemination of visual information. In the printing production process, there are mainly eight basic printing processes: letterpress printing, gravure printing, lithography, screen printing, photocopying, thermal transfer printing, xerographic printing, and inkjet printing. Among them, letterpress printing, gravure printing and lithography account for the vast majority of printed materials in each year.

   Relief printing: When the ink is applied to the raised surface and pressed against the inked surface with a sheet of paper, the ink is transferred to the paper. The printing method using this principle is called the letterpress printing and is the oldest printing method. There are now many different plates that are used on different types of presses to print a wide variety of products, including newspapers, books and newspapers.

   Gravure printing: Transfers ink from a recessed surface to a paper with the graphic portion on the intaglio lower than or into the surface of the printing plate. Platform and roller plates are now used on a variety of different presses to print newspaper supplements, magazines, bulk order, stamps, and even banknotes. Many printed fabrics are also gravure printed products.

   Stencil: Also often referred to as offset printing. Nowadays, various flat plates are used for printing on high speed offset presses and small offset presses, and the output is the most popular one.

  Screen printing: Printing is performed by pressing ink through the holes of the orifice plate. This method is also known as orifice printing or screen printing. Screen printing was rapidly developed in the early 20th century. With the development of a large variety of different types of stencil materials, almost any surface of a differently shaped object can now be printed by screen printing.

  Thermal transfer printing: Also known as sublimation printing, special inks are used first, and in some cases, special paper is used. There is usually a gravure printing pattern printed on the paper. Paper can be made of special heat-resistant printing paper, coated paper or wood-coated paper with clay coating. It can be printed on either single sheet or roll paper. Used to print fabrics.

  Inkjet printing: belongs to the non-contact printing process. The original to be printed is made by a computer. On the inkjet printer, the computer controls the flow of ink on the printhead. According to the instruction, the ink particles are ejected by a nozzle and form a character image. A large number of inkjet printing applications are used in direct mailing and personalized book publishing. Printing and proofing of the address system.

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