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Common printing paper classification and introduction
- Dec 24, 2018 -

Common printing paper classification and introduction

1. The classification and introduction of commonly used printing paper

• Coated paper

The book printing usually uses coated paper, which is 105g copper plate, 128g copper plate, 157g copper plate, 200g copper plate, 250g copper plate, 300g copper plate. The number represents the number of grams. The heavier the weight, the thicker the paper. Generally, the cover should be thicker than the inner page. If the inner page of the album is 157 copper plate, then the cover of the album should be a thicker 200 copper plate or 250 copper plate; if the inner page of the album is 200 copper plate, then the cover of the book can be considered 300g copper plate. Most corporate brochures are printed on coated paper, which is the easiest to print and the cheapest.

Coated paper consists of copper paper and matte paper. The price of the two papers is the same. The gloss of the printed paper on the copper paper is higher. The surface of the "matte paper" is not reflective, the ink absorption is good, and the printing ink is relatively thick.

• Offset paper

The surface of the offset paper is not coated, and is generally not used for printing albums, and is often used for printing letterheads, envelopes, and the like.

2. The classification and introduction of special paper

Specialty paper is a paper with a special purpose and a relatively small output. Special papers are a wide variety of special-purpose papers or art papers, some of which can be used for printing, and the other part can only be used for the packaging of some products. Some of the special papers have their own colors and patterns. When used in the book design, they are mostly used for the cover to make the cover more beautiful. However, some companies will use special papers for internal pages. Because of the high cost of special papers, designers need to consider the strength of the company itself in order to avoid exceeding the budget cost of the other party.

In addition, due to the special paper material problem, some special papers can not absorb ink when printing, resulting in the paper can not be evenly affected by the color, the designer should ask and research before use, so as to avoid paper waste and printing costs, common There are three forms:

• coated

The coated paper is suitable for printing a large number of pictures. The picture has high gloss and is suitable for printing on corporate image albums with a large number of pictures. The commonly used papers are super-sensitive papers, etc.

• Light coating

Lightly coated paper can also be used to print pictures, but the picture will look a bit grayer. The disadvantage is that it is not as high as the gloss of the coated paper, but the shortcomings may sometimes be its advantage. The printed pictures will be presented in a high-grade gray color, very soft, more suitable for the eyes of the human eye, suitable for printing a book that reflects a certain artistic atmosphere.

• No coating

The disadvantage of uncoated paper printing pictures is that the printed pictures appear gray, but at the same time, the grayscale pictures weaken a lot of images that are too irritating, making the whole book more holistic, generally used for artistic temperament. Strong album.

Here are some common features:

• Super sense paper

The surface of the super-sensitive paper is micro-coated and has an opacity of up to 90%. The background color of the paper is light and elegant, which is in line with the visual comfort pursued by today's readers. It is suitable for the use of various texts, samples, books and other texts. The color of the performance after printing is rich, and the restoration of the pictures is especially realistic.

• Textured paper

Textured paper is a kind of special paper. Its surface naturally has a light texture effect. It is similar to the grain texture of the early coarse cloth. It has strong decorative properties. This type of paper is very rich in color, but it is easy to be paper. Fold, you need to be more careful when making. Applicable to cover pages, exquisite catalogs, alcohol packaging, envelopes, letterheads, etc.

• Antique paper

The characteristic of antique paper is that the paper is processed on offset paper, which makes the whole paper form a rough texture. It is often used in the production of albums to give people a simple feeling.

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