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Is it easier for people to accept paper packaging?
- Dec 25, 2018 -

Is it easier for people to accept paper packaging?

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    In recent years, the packaging industry has developed more and more rapidly, and paper packaging boxes have become the mainstream of packaging. The use of different materials and design innovations have also changed greatly with the passage of time. So is it easier for people to accept paper packaging?


    When we choose the product, the first thing we see is the box, and the general box has the introduction of the product, so that if you want it, it will definitely stimulate the desire to buy, and the same You will definitely choose a beautiful gift box first. Of course, this also depends on the characteristics of the product.

    For example, the gift jewellery box must be beautifully finished in terms of outsourcing, so that it is attractive, and some health food gift boxes, in addition to the gift box, are more important to look at the role of health care, health care effect, the box is generally There are still many people who are willing to accept such a health food, but there are more paper materials, because the paper is environmentally friendly and easy to recycle. The application of paper gift boxes in foreign countries is also very extensive. We can also see some from the corner of the film and television, simple and environmentally friendly.

    With the improvement of living standards, the value of gift boxes is also step by step, and paper-based gift packaging is easier to make new breakthroughs in the design of box-type design, so paper-type gift boxes are more It is logical for the people to accept it.

    In the future of gift packaging, the packaging of composite materials will be less and less in the future, and as a substitute for paper packaging. Compared with glass packaging and metal packaging, paper packaging has lower cost, is easier to manufacture, and is lighter in weight and easy to process.

   At the same time, paper packaging is easily degraded and can be recycled, with minimal impact on the environment. This has taken great advantage in the rise of the people's awareness of environmental protection, the global industry and economic system with the packaging revolution as the leading zero-package, simple packaging, green packaging.

   The above is a detailed introduction of whether the small series is more acceptable to people in the paper packaging box. The acceptance of the carton in people's minds, the product itself is the top priority.