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production of packaging box
- Dec 24, 2018 -

Production of Packaging Box

Peer partners know that the production of packaging box production is a complex process, not peer will generally think that today call you production, production, immediately can get, in fact, every industry has its own workflow, a qualified packaging box is to go through a number of production processes.Today, we will give you a detailed description of the packaging packaging packaging process, roughly divided into the following steps.

1, plate-making

Plate with link is very important, because it directly affect the product integrity, technology is also improved a lot now, most manufacturers are using digital plate-making machine, usually need to print, plate, retouching, gift boxes exquisite appearance novel and lively, so making the layout of color box is multifarious, usually a gift box design not only has four basic colors, there are a few color, such as: gold, silver.

General packaging box inside the gift box is gray board paper mounted on the outside of the color paper or special paper.Colored paper is made of double copper and matte copper paper.Some use 80G, 105G, 128G, 157G, these grams of paper weight is more commonly used, gift box mounting paper rarely used more than 200G;Because the color paper is too thick mounted on the gift box easy to bubble, and the appearance looks very dull.Of course, this also depends on what the product is, according to the product to design the outer packaging, and then to choose paper and process.

3. Printing technology

Gift boxes are mostly printed paper, gift boxes are outer packaging boxes, pay attention to printing technology, the most taboo color difference, ink dot, rotten board these will affect aesthetic.

4. Surface treatment of colored paper

On the surface of the box gift box color paper to do surface treatment, common is too light glue, too dumb glue, too UV, too light oil, too dumb oil, bronzing and so on.

5, bei

Beer is a very important link in the printing process, beer must be very accurate in order not to affect the subsequent work, the key is to make the die.The link of knife mold is also important, because if the knife mold is not allowed to your design documents, it will have a great impact on the finished product, so generally when making the knife mold, it is best to take the printed finished product to the master of the knife mold to make alignment.

Cosmetic packaging box

6. Paper mounting process

Usually the printed matter is mounted first and then beer molding, but the production of gift box is the beer before the mounting paper (surface paper) : 1) is afraid of getting colored paper.2) gift boxes pay attention to the overall beauty, mounted on the outside of the paper to see the exquisite workmanship.

7. The final process

If fastening and punching are required, they will be completed at the time of assembly, if these packing procedures are not used.Do the final surface cleaning (wipe away the glue from the surface with dirty water).Then we can pack and deliver the goods.This is the process of producing gift boxes.