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The importance of packaging color design
- Dec 24, 2018 -

The importance of packaging color design

The color method of packaging the color on the packaging is the most active factor that affects the vision, so the packaging color planning is very important.

Determine the total color

The overall feeling of package color is luxuriant still be plain, it is the total color that depends on package color.

Total color is directly based on the hue, brightness, purity of a basic color characteristics to reflect.Such as bright tone, dark high, fresh tone, gray tone, cold tone, emphasis, weak tone, soft training, hard tone, reset and so on.

Area of elements

In addition to hue, brightness and purity, the size of the color area is an important factor directly affecting the color.Colour matchs the arrangement that considers large area color above all, large area color has distant vision effect in packaging display.What is more, when comparing two colors to shine too strongly, can not change chroma phase, purity, lightness, and enlarge or reduce the area of one of them to undertake harmonic.

Visual cognition degree

Visual acuity refers to the clarity of color gradation.Good visual recognition in packaging, advertising and other visual communication planning is very important.Visual recognition on the one hand to see the color itself dazzing degree, on the other hand to see the relationship between the color contrast.Its principle and method also made detailed introduction in advertisement plan, can refer to its content, use to undertake the color plan of packaging decoration.

Focus on the color

Emphasize color is the key point in total color to use color, it is area element and inspect the color that recognize a degree to combine consideration.General requirement brightness and unity are higher than the surrounding color, in the area should be less than the surrounding color, otherwise it does not play an important role.

From the color

Distance color applies it is to point to be in adjacent and show intense contrast the center of the different color that shine with another kind of color if with distance or make common, can strengthen harmonic, weaken contrast.Distance color itself is a neutral color of black, white, gray, gold and silver.If use to have chromatic distance, the color that asks distance color and be apart from has bigger difference on chromophore, lightness, purity.

Layered color

Gradation is a gradual change in the use of color, hue, brightness, purity can be gradation change.Gradient color has a harmonic and rich color role, in the packaging color processing more use.

According to the color

Contrast illuminates color to differ from emphasize color, this is the area is close and chroma phase brightness tries contrast illuminates use color, this kind of use color has intense vision effect, have advertisement sex next.


This is not a direct copy of the color characteristics of the content, and according to the common knowledge of a wide range of customers to be applied to the image of a conceptual color.It is mainly used for the embodiment of a certain energy characteristic of the product or a certain brand idea.For example, the packaging of Chinese cigarettes is a symbol of the Chinese nation's color - red.

Mark color

The color of the logo mentioned here is not the color of the trademark, but the color used for packaging different types of products or different varieties of the same kind.For example, different colors are used for packaging different components of the same brand of household chemicals.In processing, the area, shape and orientation should be changed.

Auxiliary color

This is opposite with emphasize color use color, it is to general color or emphasize color to have the complementary sex that the color USES a method that adjust action, in order to strengthen color administrative levels, obtain rich color effect.In the process of planning, we should pay attention not to steal the show, not to use blindly.