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Types and uses of various papers
- Dec 26, 2018 -

Types and uses of various papers

Various types of paper

1.Writing paper

There are type paper, drawing paper, rice paper, writing paper, single-sided writing paper (light paper), drawing paper, watercolor paper, sketch drawing paper, charcoal paper, double red paper, striped writing paper, sheet paper, raw paper, Even history paper, leather paper, water writing paper, oil painting paper, blotting paper, plum red paper.

2. Copy paper

There are tracing paper, stylus stencil base paper, dry electrostatic copy paper, photo base paper, dry diazo sensitized paper, carbon paper, typewriter paper, carbonless copy paper, two low-profile base paper, xerographic tracing paper, typed stencil paper, stencil printing Paper, typed wax paper liner, thermal copy paper, electrostatic plate paper, carbonless copy paper.

3. Sanitary paper

There are sanitary napkins, wrinkle toilet paper, diaper paper, thin non-woven fabric, rodent control paper, plaster paper, cotton paper, water-soluble medicine paper, tissue paper, wet tissue paper.

4. Tissue paper

There are shoeboard, woven base paper, paper insole, black photocard, tablecloth, cloth, kitchen paper, powder paper, mirror paper, and petticoat paper.

5. Decorative paper

Applique paper, appliqué paper, wax paper, decorative base paper, wax base paper, wallpaper base paper, plastic coated wallpaper, wrinkle base paper, non-dry collagen paper, plastic veneer board, gypsum board, bottom paper, surface paper, ceramic Film decals, ceramic film decals, metal decals, metal decals, enamel decals, etc.

Use of various papers

Low basis weight coated paper

With high smoothness, high whiteness, moisture resistance, friction resistance, impervious printing, good uniformity, etc., it can print primary and multi-color art pictures, posters, labels and high-end newspapers.

High-grade double-adhesive paper

It has the characteristics of high strength, good whiteness, good uniformity, good flatness, accurate set pattern and clear printed image. It can print student textbooks, high-end newspapers, covers, illustrations, and also good office paper.

Refined double-adhesive paper

Widely used in offset printing books, textbooks, covers, illustrations, color pictures, etc.

Coated paper

Used for art pictures, illustrations, albums, pictorials, books, magazines, covers, high-end goods packaging.

Writing paper

It is mainly used for practice books, notebooks and other writing papers, as well as for printing books, magazines, etc.

Cardboard paper

Mainly used for processing packaging cartons and used as bobbins.

Electrostatic copy base paper

It is used to process dry copying machine copy paper.

Computer printing base paper

Used for processing and producing computer continuous recording format paper.

Map paper

Used for offset printing primary and secondary school textbook maps.

Book paper

Used to make accounting books.

Yellow anti-adhesive base paper

Used to produce release paper, paper base parts for release paper.

Cast base paper

It is used to produce cast coated glossy paper, which is a coated paper with a specular gloss on the surface.