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Why custom boxes have different prices?
- Dec 22, 2018 -

     The overall cost of each box varies, and it is believed that every company will be very cautious when making boxes. The average customer will find a few package custom manufacturers to consult the price and then make a judgment, there will be differences in the price comparison.

    Let's tell you why there're different quotations. 

    The price of the box customization is determined by the material process box type and so on. The main reason for the difference in the price of most manufacturers is determined by these three points. The average customer is given a box type and the approximate size and then the price. The quotation of each company can only be quoted according to their own judgment. The price difference is mostly different for each quotation.

    Some are because each process of judgment is different. For example, some boxes with grain may be textured paper, and some are plain paper embossed. These two prices are also different. It is also possible that the box type is judged differently, for example, some lid and base box has inner wraps, and others have not. The price difference between the two types of boxes is very large.

lid and base box.jpg

two pieces box

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