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Carton Production Site Quality Control
- Jul 02, 2018 -

According to the purpose of inspection can be divided into control inspection, acceptance inspection, quality agency inspection and appraisal.

Carton enterprises can ensure that the quality of the carton products under the premise of local quality inspection agencies and equipped with quality inspection personnel. Process inspection generally takes the following forms. The first piece of inspection, the first piece of inspection is a preventive inspection in the manufacturing process of carton products and is applicable to a large number of types. The first inspection shall be checked by the operator and submitted to the full-time inspector for approval.

The inspection is performed by inspection personnel at the production site to check the quality of the products in the relevant processes at regular intervals. Completion inspection It is an inspection of a batch of finished products, mainly referring to products between processes. Finished product inspection is the last inspection before the corrugated box product reaches the user.

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