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Folding Magnetic Boxes
- Dec 06, 2018 -

Folding magnetic boxes

As the most populr boxes type, there are some key feature for this folding magnetic boxes:

1.Folding boxes: help you save the shipping fee

  When your boxes size is large, don't worry it will costly on the shipping fee. You could choose the folding magnetic boxes as the boxes will be flat when shipping. Then the CBM will be small, this will help you save the shipping.

2.With magnetic closure: special closure

  There are two magnet on the box closure, this is the different from the general paper boxes type, will make your product to be outstanding to attract the customers.

3.Simple but luxury looking

  This boxes type material is: 1200 g gray+ 157 coated paper, this is the thick cardboard will make the boxes looks hard enough and luxury.

All in all, folding magnetic boxes type is your product packaging best choice. Here are some pictures for our boxes sample for your reference. :))



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