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What Is Gold Stamping
- Nov 22, 2018 -

Gold stamping refers to the process of transferring metal foil or color pigment foil to the surface of hot-stamped material according to the graphic requirements of hot-stamping plate by means of certain pressure and temperature, using the template installed on the hot-stamping machine, so that the printed matter and hot-stamping plate can be pressed together in a short time. Because hot stamping is mainly gold and silver, it is also called hot stamping. 

This technology is an important technology to increase the visual effect and grade of labels, trademarks, cigarettes, liquor bags and various high-grade packaging boxes. It can be divided into hot stamping before printing and hot stamping after printing. Printing after hot stamping is to stamp the electrochemical aluminum foil layer on the blank impression first, then print the pictures and texts on the surface of the aluminum foil layer, mostly for packaging printing which needs large area hot stamping. Printing before ironing is a process widely used at present, which is to stamp the needed pattern on the printed matter and on the parts that need to be ironed. 

From the way of making hot stamping, it can be divided into hot stamping technology and cold stamping technology. Hot stamping technology is mentioned above, which requires a certain temperature and pressure to complete the transfer of electrochemical aluminum foil stamping process. Cold stamping technology is a process of transferring electrochemical aluminium foil to the surface of packaging printing by coating UV adhesives on the parts that need to be stamped. 

These two methods have their own characteristics and meet the requirements of different products.

Hot stamping colors :gold stamping.silver stamping,solid black  stamping ,rose gold stamping are common used.Other colorful colors can be also printed as requested.

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