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What Is Spot UV Technology
- Nov 22, 2018 -

The UV in the traditional printing industry refers to the printing effect process, which is to put a layer of varnish on a printed pattern (with light, matte, mosaic crystal, glitter powder, etc.).  mainly to increase the brightness and artistic effect of the product, to protect the surface of the product, its hardness, corrosion resistance, scratch resistance, etc. At this stage, some laminating products are now changed to UV, which can meet environmental requirements, but UV products are not easy to Bond, some can only be solved by spot UV or sanding.

Compared with traditional offset printing, UV printing has the characteristics of colorful, special printing materials, novel products and broad market prospects. It is suitable for high-end business card packaging. On the other hand, UV printing is a highly reliable process. UV inks are considered environmentally friendly because they do not cause volatile organic compound (VOC) solvent volatilization. Therefore, it is used in a large number of branded products, and cosmetic packaging often uses some special materials. Metal cardboard, composite cardboard and aluminum-sprayed paper, as well as glazed cardboard, have become more and more widely used in the field of cosmetic packaging, showing a steady and steady growth momentum.